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Review: G.I.:Joe #17

Snake Eyes helps himself by helping others.

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While seeking peace in the Hard Master's grocery store, Snake Eyes helps a bullied girl turn her the tables on her bullies. At the same time, Destro establishes dominance in Cobra's prisons.

I'm not sure if Robert Atkins drew the cover, but it's a seriously cool image - - something that would make for a good poster. Dixon's a season veteran and the story works like a well-oiled clock. The interposition of Destro and Snake Eyes' stories made for good pacing, and each was a strong counter balance to the other. Snake Eye's story, in particular, had a good, actually-applicable message of the silent ninja finding peace for his own problems by helping the girl with hers. Atkins obviously had a lot of fun finding clever ways to hide Snake Eye's true face throughout the issues and the fun was definitely shared by me.

Atkins' traditional style is something of a double-edged sword. It gets the job done well, but it can be a little dull sometimes.

This read almost exactly like an old episode of the classic cartoon would play. You got a solid story with a beginning, middle and end that almost made expect I'd be getting commercial breaks. While there's a lot that might be missed by a reader who isn't already a fan of the cartoon, there's a lot to like here even if you've never seen an episode. It's also good to see everybody's actual favorite Joe get the spotlight over Duke