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Review: Garrison #1

Cool cover, but this ain't that good.

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Federal agents track Garrison, a mass murderer who's racked up an absurd body count in only a matter of weeks.
The only thing that's intriguing about this, right now, is Garrison's dualistic nature. He's an outrageous killer, yet the murder he commits here might be actually be meant to protect the agent from what could be another serial killer. Similarly, he uses excessive force just to teach manners to a business man who's been rude to a homeless vet at the end. I do have to say that the cover was genuinely well-designed - - like a good movie poster.

This was honestly rather bland. The only thing that makes the premise stick out is the unlikelihood of Garrison's killing prowess.  However, that swings both ways as he frankly doesn't look the part. In fact, he looks like a country music star who's just wandered off stage, so when he sneaks up on the agents halfway through, it actually just comes off as rather silly.  A lot of that has to do with the art, which looked unfinished in most parts, like the coloring was covering up for a lot of gaps.
This issue didn't hook me and I'm not really curious to see what happens next. I'm sure there's going to be some twist to Garrison's murders - - either he's been set up or he's actually killing serial killers - - but this didn't grab my interest enough to see how it spins out. This really came off like the first 10 minutes of a generic TV show and I want to change channels.