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Review: Freedom Fighters #1

Featuring some Uncle Sam action!

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The Freedom Fighters and Uncle Sam have returned in this new series!

The Good

I've never read a Freedom Fighters book before, and this new series does a pretty good job at introducing the readers to the characters and world, without bogging down the story. The opening to this book is amazing. There's nothing more satisfying than a bunch or racist Nazis getting the tar kicked out of them by some good ol' heroes! Those first 6 pages are the most fun I've read this week. I think Black Condor may become one of my favorite characters. The guy is pretty awesome. There's a lot of small things to like within this book, especially some of the characters that I've personally never seen before. The final page of this issue is pretty cool, but confusing, unless this is a new element they're adding to the comic.

The Bad

After that opening, the book slows down, quite a bit. What's going on is pretty interesting, but it's a huge turn from those opening pages. As I said before, the series does a pretty good job at introducing the readers to the Freedom Fighters world, but I'm still pretty confused. I feel left in the dark a little bit about everything, and giving the book a second read through, nothing really changes.

The Verdict 3.5/5

It's the first issue of a new series featuring a team that we don't see normally in the comic books. It's tough to judge the pilot of a series essentially. I'd recommend this book though. Palmiotti and Gray are great writers and I'm sure there will be some more explanation of who these characters are and the team within this story arc.