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Review: Firestar One-Shot

Firestar stands out alone in her one-shot book.


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One of the members of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends takes off into her own one-shot book as Marvel celebrates the women superheroes we've all grown to love over the years. Marvel catches everyone up with the first page letting the reader know that Angelica Jones AKA Firestar has been dealing with cancer due to her own powers. Almost out of the clear, Firestar makes her way back into the super-hero community as well as checking herself into college.

The Good

This is a great story, but incredibly depressing, especially if you've ever known someone who has battled cancer before. The whole issue is a character going through a lot of troubled times, and at the same time, trying to do the right thing by saving the lives of people in danger. The artwork has a grainy look to it, which describes what Angelica is going through. Her life is almost surreal after dealing with losing the love of her life and being dealt cancer. This book is about the triumph of the human spirit in a sense, just as much as it is about a super-hero. I felt that both the writing and art within the book melded well together, and it was well worth the time to pick it up.

The Bad

Don't expect a lot of Firestar flying through the streets saving people. That's not what this book is about. This isn't necessarily  a bad thing, but don't get your hopes up for too much super-hero action from this book. It focuses more on Angelica rather than Firestorm. Again, as stated before, this book is pretty depressing, so be prepared. Art-wise, at times, the characters faces looked a little too anime for me: Big eyes/wild hair.

The Verdict

It's a great look at the life of a super-hero dealing with a lot of baggage. It's great to see Marvel giving some of their other characters the spotlight for once. Marvel has a great roster of characters, but they tend to focus a little too much on just a few, when there's a chance to either showcase or reinvent others from the past. Give the book a shot. It's worth your cash.