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Review: Fantastic Four Annual #32

One of the weirdest annuals I've ever read.

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In this very special Fantastic Four Annual, Johnny Storm gets a woman pregnant, the team experiences the movie Innerspace, and the daughter of a famous villain attacks... and terminating a pregnancy... yeah.

The Good

I actually was really enjoying this book (even though the art was nothing that great) up until Psycho-Woman was introduced into the story. I thought, "Hey! This is turning out to be a decent peace about family and choices, even though I feel like I'm being hit over the head with the message." Again, then Psycho-Woman was introduced.

The Bad

Annuals: Throwaway yearly issues written and drawn by two random people who are not on the monthly book. To be fair, I've never really liked the Fantastic Four for the reasons which are extremely prevalent in this issue. First problem, dialogue-wise everyone is always trying to one-up each other. I know, they're all so clever, but the constant bickering is annoying. I can't stand Reed Richards. He's an emotionless robot. I'm tired of seeing Ben Grimm as the tough guy with the emotional side. Every issue feels the same, character wise. The biggest problem I had is that everyone's faces are all distorted in this issue. I did not like the art one bit.

The Verdict 1/5

Not all Annual books are bad. Recently, Iron Man's was very good, Superman Batman usually has great annuals, and Batman Annual 25 was better than the regular book. But overall, annuals tend to be not worth the money or effort, and to me, this issue is a perfect example of this. Am I being a little too harsh on this book? Maybe, but it really urks me to see a comic go for $5 that isn't anything special. Why should you be paying $5 for a comic that has no effect on the F4 universe and will never be mentioned in any book again? Maybe you'll see Psycho-Woman in a book again, but do you really want to?