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Review: Fall of the Hulks: Savage She-Hulks #3

Goofy and... poignant?

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Jennifer Walters and Lyra uses their wits as well as their strength to foil the army of Red Hulks and Hulked-Out Heroes besieging Washington, DC.

The Good

I like the art in general... there's smooth transition between the two artists' style. Though, I'd have to say I like guy who did the middle portion better. It seemed like more of the work was in his lines, rather than the colors. Unfortunately, I don't know which one he is! I enjoyed the adventure that Parker weaves, here. He's clearly having fun with more ridiculous aspects of this storyline, but takes it seriously enough that the logic stays consistent and you can actually appreciate the future epilogue with Thundra as a poignant coda. You can buy how these three She-Hulks bond together without rolling your eyes over their self-pep-talks. And the bit where Jen and Lyra aim the Red Hulks against eachother was clever!

The Bad

Maybe this is less about this actual issue, but the general Fall of the Hulks storyline, but man... the Hulk's running the risk of getting too convoluted for his own good. It's less an issue of all these Red Hulks and Hulked-Out Heroes running around as it is that Lyra's from the Hulk's future, but not the same future as the Maestro? So Hulk's got at least two prospective timelines complicating his future? I remember it being so confusing when that mohawk chick from Future Imperfect was running around - - now we've got another potential child of the Hulk from another potential future? This is beginning to look like an X-Men title from the 90s.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

Even though I haven't been reading this mini-series, nor the larger storyline, I still found this issue a lot of fun. You could get this for the amazing cel-shaded style art - - which captures the strength of the She-Hulks while still keeping them feminine - - but you can enjoy a ride that's straddles the line between goofy and dramatic just as well. I recommend it.