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Review: Emily The Strange- The 13th Hour #3

What lurks within the walls of Blackrock?

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In this issue we follow Emily the Strange and her three companions (not her pets!) Sabbath, Neechee and Miles as they continue their journey to find Emily's Aunt Larue. After chasing El Viego, Emily finds herself at the door of Blackrock Castle, but will she find her Aunt Larue waiting for her inside?

The Good

The best part about Emily the Strange is that no matter how old you are, you can find at least some joy and entertainment in the character and the story. I have read a few Emily The Strange comics in the past, and I recall picking them up initially because I found them to be so unique compared to other comic books in the market. The series is definitely targeted toward young girls, but even being an old girl, I admit I found joy in reading. Rob Reger and Jessica Gruner do a fantastic job writing a story that is abstract, and jumps around a lot (because that is the type of world Emily lives in,) while still maintaining a level of consistency, order and a structured plot. This issue definitely reads as a third part of three, so it might help the new reader to go out and pick up the two previous titles before they read this one. However, I recommend getting the previous two issues solely because the story is so much fun- a new reader can definitely pick up this issue and easily follow along with Emily on her adventures. When I mentioned that this book is unique, I meant it. Aside from the fact that the story is abstract and different; all of the interior art is done in black and white. Additionally, the panel art is not structured like in an average comic book. The art in this series is not conformed to standard panel boxes- the art feels free. Artist Buzz Parker uses the entire page when drawing the comic. The abstract art compliments the abstract world that Emily lives in- it doesn't conform to the normal structure of the average comic book, and after reading it, you realize that it makes more sense that way.

The Bad

There is a lot going on at once and the jumps from dream sequences to reality can sometimes make reading the story somewhat confusing.

The Verdict - 4/5

The story is fun, but definitely one that is targeted toward a very specific demographic. If you have a little sister and want to introduce her to something other than superhero comics, then this might be a great book for you to pick up. The characters are interesting, have a lot of personality and the issue is overall relatively well executed.