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Review: Emerald Warriors #4

Say it ain't so, Sodam!

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Guy Gardner's task force intervenes in Daxam's politics, just as Sodam Yat is marshaling his cult into a force against the Guardians. 

The Good

It's an odd thing to say, but I appreciate how Tomasi's characterized Sodam's father, and Daxam's government by extension, as stubbornly close-minded. Maybe it's because it's a refreshing counterpoint to the usual "holy natives" you encounter so often in alien stories, but I think the real reason is that this has an intriguing moral complexity you rarely get in superheroes. With equal validity, Sodam can be described as a deranged "rogue" or a rebel filled with righteous indignation.

The Bad

I hate to be the "science cop" because it was such a cool, well-timed scene, but the bit where Guy interrogates the one bad guy by bobbing his head over the atmosphere stretches the believability a bit too far. I wasn't even a wiz in physics, but I know that the ozone thins much more gradually than that. Also, while I'm waiting to see how Sodam's potential "heel turn" plays out, I do wish he could've picked a cooler symbol. He looks like he's the avatar of the Blair witch with this one!

The Verdict - 4.5/5

This is my favorite GL book, right now. Hands down. It does what I hope all space opera would do - - play out incisive morality plays across a galactic tapestry in a way that never skimps on action, attitude or accessibility.  I'm really hoping they don't turn Sodam into a villain and make him a permanent member of the rogue's gallery, but the fact that I care enough demonstrates how strong the writing is.