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Review: Emerald Warriors #3

Sodam's back!

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While Guy struggles to keep the Red Lantern residue repressed, Sodam Yat awakens on Daxam to find an entire cult's formed to worship him.

The Good

I can't tell you how glad I am to see Sodam Yat back in the fold. He was my favorite character in Green Lantern Corps and I was really disappointed when he sat out on Blackest Night. Now that he's back, I think this is a brilliantly paradoxical position to put him - - he's an exile-turned-messiah. Tomasi does an especially good job of handling the fact these character are facing yet another universe-threatening crisis following the defeat of Nekron; harping on how these stalwarts are going to have to messy aftermath that's just as tough as the main event.

The Bad

As awesome as all the mythology building is, this did feel like a bit of an "in-between issue" in that it's mostly set up for what's to come. Perhaps it's a testament to how hooked I am on the concepts, here, but I'm anxious for this skeleton crew of lanterns to hurry up and get back to Daxam so we can finally progress what's going on there.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Hands down, this was the issue I was looking forward to the most this week. I loved Tomasi's work on GL Corps so much that this was, through very strong intention, the first book I reached for in the stack.  I think he's the best writer in DC's staple and certainly the most underrated. He's been able  to put his own spin the greater mythology that Johns has created and give it some serious edge.