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Review: Doomwar #3

Seriously, check this out if you've overlooked it.

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The Black Panther enlists the aide of the Fantastic Four to help free Wakanda from Doctor Doom, who is undergoing a trial of the soul to gain access to the nation's Vibranium reserve.

Read this comic for the portion regarding Doom's trial of the soul in audience with Wakanda's panther god. It's one of those rare moments in comics that simultaneously defines a character with great pathos, renders superheroics with the weight of classic mythology and also ties in together years of continuity. The way Maberry weaves the whole history of Marvel's multiverse of dark futures into a examination of Doom as the purest-hearted dictatorial monster is nothing short of brilliant. Eaton's work in that segment also shines. Odd as it sounds, he gets more expressiveness out of a jungle cat god's face that most artists do with humans'.

The first quarter of this issue is VERY expository, which is exacerbated by the fact that some of plot history covered is redundant to what was already summarized in the recap. It's further exacerbated by the infrequency of bold words (which I also had an issue with in Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth), making all the captions feel like deluge of text without any stressed points.

This book might be flying under a lot of reader's radars, but I encourage people to pick it up. It pulls off the complex political intrigue of Priest's run on Black Panther while still harnessing it all in a story with a clear through line and some serious philosophical gravitas.