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Review: Devil #4

The conclusion to Torajiro Kishi's four issue mini-series.

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The final issue of the mini-series by Torajiro Kishi. People are getting turned into Vampires from a virus. Is there any hope for humanity?

The Good

Being a fan of both comics and manga, it's nice seeing this hybrid of the two. It would be interesting to see how this looks in black and white. There is a bit of a twist in once scene. Just when you think you know how it's going to end, it takes a left turn.

The Bad

One of the fight scenes felt a little awkward being colored. It might be that it took place in a empty room but with the colors, it looks like the backgrounds are simply bare and plain. This is something that works better in manga, in my opinion, where the action can focus on the characters. The ending does leave things open for more. I just felt the ending should've had a little more oomph.

The Verdict - 3/5

I like seeing this mix of comics and manga. Hopefully we'll see more from Dark Horse. I don't see any reason the two mediums can't be merged since they've often influenced each other at times. Reading Devil seemed like it would offer something different. It did but I still feel like I wanted something a little more at the end. The story gets resolved in ways and it is open for more. Part of me is curious to see what would happen next, but the other part could almost live without knowing