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Review: Detective Comics #870

5/5 - - this is why you love Batman.

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The "Impostor Wars" conclude as Batman finally discovers the identity of his impostor - - a man with a terrifying connection to the impostor Joker.

The Good

The twist about the impostor Batman's identity might've been easy to guess given that there aren't actually that many suspects in this story - - but, still, I didn't see it coming and the reveal adds a horrifying dimension to this whole plot . Actually, I was really impressed by how Hine was able to weave some serious challenges to Batman's moral fiber and philosophy into such a brisk, action-drive (and fun!) storyline. Even though the impostor Batman is a monster, his motivations put the real Batman at serious risk of culpability. This arc has also renewed my appreciation for Scott McDaniel's art. Not only does his work have the flash it's always had, it has some of the most involving storytelling I've seen in comics lately. You feel every single moment of this, from the bravado double splash of the Joker mob to the quiet turns of Bats' post-game pep talk with Alfred.

The Bad

I have no problems with this issue. No joke.

The Verdict - 5/5

I've gotten to read this story arc from the beginning and, because it's been such a thoroughly fun read for the past few months, I'm going to push the rating over the cliff and give it a perfect score. Sadly, this isn't the kind of Batman story that's going to cross over and get recognition from the mainstream press, nor will it probably get some lavish collection, but if you're looking for something that puts you back in touch with what you loved about Batman in the first place - - the full-throttle gothic morality plays with ample doses of the weird, morbid and tragic.