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Review: Detective Comics #869

5/5 -- this is how fun superhero comics should be.

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Batman finally finds the leader of the Jokerz, just as the leader of the impostor Batmen is revealed.

The Good

I've rarely read a comic where the storytelling's been this involving. Hine and McDaniel's dance hooks you in and makes you follow every little turn of the plot... and it makes even the most basic dialogue scenes edge-of-your-seat exciting. I really feel like I'm in Gotham City while I'm reading this; a bug on the wall for every aspect of this outlandish war between Batmen and Jokerz. Some stand-out moments - - the revelation about how GCBC get "food poisoning" to join the fight, the ominous implications of the Bartholomew fair and the finally splash that has some Robin abuse to put All Star Batman to shame. I'm just enjoying this for what it is, without really thinking too much about the craft, and that's a remarkable testament to the polish put on the title.

The Bad

You know what? There's nothing wrong this time. Maybe this isn't stepping far enough outside the box to ever be included in some "Greatest Stories Ever" collection for the Joker or Batman, but why does it have to?

The Verdict - 5/5

For the past two months, this "Impostor War" storyline has given me the most fun I've had in a Batman story in a long time. As I've said for every part I've reviewed, this arc really gets me back in touch with what it was like to enjoy the Batman animated series as a kid. I don't know if Hine and McDaniel are going to stay on after this arc, or if another creative team will take over... but I'm sorry to hear that this story's concluding next issue. Pick this and the previous parts up - - you'll be surprised over how much fun you'll have.