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Review: Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War #2

This psychotic mosaic is brilliant.

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Deadpool speaks before the Senate in order to finally set the record straight about his origins, his involvement in the Soviet War in Afghanistan and his mistreatment at the hands of the Weapon X program.

The Good

I can't think of the last time I've read a comic that so deftly combined absurd black humor, bad ass super-heroics and a truly intriguing premise like this. Out of all the writers I've seen handle Deadpool lately, Swierczynski has, heads and tails, been the one with the greatest grasp on the character. As I say a lot, the best of these superhero shape their plots, storytelling and dialogue to match their characters' personalities, and I thoroughly enjoyed how the X-Files conspiracy-style investigation of DP's past was juxtaposed with his signature flippancy and "multiple choice" approach to his own memories. It was wonderfully psychotic mosaic, and I give special credit to Paul Mounts' subtle patriotic color schemes for the obviously-lionized recollection of Wade Wilson's introduction to Weapon X.  I also thought it was quite smart how Bullseye and Silver Sable were retconned along with Domino to be part of Weapon X - - I think that was the first time that's been mentioned. And Peason's art just rocks - - plain and simple, as it has ever since Body Bags.

The Bad

Chiding a book like Deadpool for not being political correct might be a bit foolish, but the gags about DP impersonating Michael Jackson and the sub-plots about him getting involved with the very real Soviet War in Afghanistan run the risk of bad taste. Then again, the book didn't especially push them that far, so I don't suppose I should really knock it for that.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Combining Deadpool with Charlie Wilson's War has got to be either the dumbest idea or the most brilliant I've seen in a long time. I was pleasantly shocked at how well this worked, and I haven't even gotten to read the first issue. It's equally bizarre how DP's going through some serious over-saturation, right now, but his titles are consistently some of the best I read every week. I'm really a lot of loss for words...