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Review: Deadpool Team-Up #894

It's hard to work with Frankencastle.

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Motivated by the feminine wiles of a mobster's sexy widow, Deadpool ventures into the sewers to find Frankencastle out of a whole society monsters living underground and bump him off.
Frankencastle's really one of the dumbest ideas to come out of the Marvel U in a long time, but Brandon and Greene make him, if not enjoyable, at least bearable. There were some funny gags throughout, like the physical comedy in Deadpool's thong-related pantsing memory, Frankencastle's "Fire good" quip and the reveal of what other superhero the widow's dooping to do her dirty work.  Actually, it's a really good twist to end this issue on.
The way Greene renders Wade's face was really bugging me throughout the story. He looked less like tough version of Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddy, and more like the Yellow Kid if he had skin problems. Also, since I have so many other takes to compare this to (two just last week), I don't think Brandon's Deadpool is really as funny as he should be.  I'm still not sure who or what the white narrative captions are supposed to represent, but their interplay with Deadpool's captions didn't work as well as they did in CABLE #25 last week.
I have sympathy for Brandon for doing his best to make Frankencastle interesting. Actually, he does better with him than he does with Deadpool himself. This was a passable one-off romp, or team-up, with some funny parts, but on a whole, you shouldn't feel like you've missed out on too much if you choose not to pick this up.

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Posted By Nyogtha

I like the team up series but it's more camp and for kids than previous Deadpool stuff like Suicide Kings or Cable and Deadpool. I was going to check this out but I couldn't find it at the shop.

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Posted By advocatefish

I think this issue was much more bearable and even alot more fun than past issues. 
Wades face did, too, bother the crap out of me. 
But bottom line is they need to start doing story arks. I mean is this comic what 'up and coming' writers and artist get as theyre first project? I mean no offense but i dont see how every month is a completely different team.  
Sometimes Team Up just brings shame to being a Deadpool fan (heres looking at you Ghost Rider team up) but i thought this one worked. For having to cram a whole story into one issue, at least.
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Posted By Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

What happens when we finish the series? will it be "Deadpool Team-Up #-2"?

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Posted By TheHood
@Sir Duke: 
I actually agree that Frankencastle has been a lot of fun! Problem is, Deadpool Team-Up simply isn't a very well made comic, lol.
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Posted By Sir Duke

Ugh, god these reviews.  Okay, this one's much more a matter of opinion, and FrankenCastle is polarizing at best, but I still say it was one of the most original and crazy ideas Marvel has had in a while and it's turned Punisher into easily the most fun and consistently enjoyable book month after month.  I never had any interest in the character at all until he became a Frankenstein.

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Posted By TheHood
It has not been gone. Believe it or not, this was the best issue in the series.
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Posted By Asymmetrical
@JoeRiccadonna said:
" Would you recommend this serious even though this issue was bad? "
I think an earlier issue of this series G-Man gave like .5 and I've gotten the impression of all the Deadpool titles this one is the most like a hardcore batch of suck
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Posted By Joeybagad0nutz

Would you recommend this serious even though this issue was bad?