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Review: Deadpool Team-Up #894

It's hard to work with Frankencastle.

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Motivated by the feminine wiles of a mobster's sexy widow, Deadpool ventures into the sewers to find Frankencastle out of a whole society monsters living underground and bump him off.
Frankencastle's really one of the dumbest ideas to come out of the Marvel U in a long time, but Brandon and Greene make him, if not enjoyable, at least bearable. There were some funny gags throughout, like the physical comedy in Deadpool's thong-related pantsing memory, Frankencastle's "Fire good" quip and the reveal of what other superhero the widow's dooping to do her dirty work.  Actually, it's a really good twist to end this issue on.
The way Greene renders Wade's face was really bugging me throughout the story. He looked less like tough version of Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddy, and more like the Yellow Kid if he had skin problems. Also, since I have so many other takes to compare this to (two just last week), I don't think Brandon's Deadpool is really as funny as he should be.  I'm still not sure who or what the white narrative captions are supposed to represent, but their interplay with Deadpool's captions didn't work as well as they did in CABLE #25 last week.
I have sympathy for Brandon for doing his best to make Frankencastle interesting. Actually, he does better with him than he does with Deadpool himself. This was a passable one-off romp, or team-up, with some funny parts, but on a whole, you shouldn't feel like you've missed out on too much if you choose not to pick this up.