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Review: Deadpool Team-Up #891

Where's the punch line?

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At a job fair, Deadpool tries to entice some job-seekers into taking up careers in assassination by telling them a story about a time he ran afoul of Mr. X in Madripoor

The Good

The fun of a Team-Up title is, of course, seeing how different characters bump heads so it was fun to see DP's scatterbrain serving as a weakness to Mr. X's seemingly-invincible prediction powers. While the payoff might not have been as sharp as I would've liked, I did like the set-up's whole conceit of DP scouting possible employees a job fair. I also liked the unusual rendering the art team used here, simulating more of a water-color style that made this almost seem like some cracked storybook version of Deadpool. I really liked the abstract splash of DP's chaotic inner-mind. And for stand-out gags, I loved the bit where DP quizzes his client about just how he got maimed and then the one prospective hitman's talk of Madripoor's plant life.

The Bad

Did the creative team just run out of pages? The story just seemed to end on the last page, without tying much up. I wasn't quite sure where the headhunters came from, nor was it really established when or how DP's employer got so close to the scene. I suppose the gag's supposed to be that DP's such a kook, his stories don't have to make sense? If that's the case, then there's a big punchline missing somewhere. Also, I know that DP's supposed to be a motormouth, but I can't help thinking that this could've benefited from the jokes getting paired down, since about one in three worked.

The Verdict - 2.5/5

This better than the last issue of Deadpool Team-Up I read, the one with Franken-Castle (which isn't that big of an accomplishment) but it's still kind of messy. I usually like "told-in-ones" for these kind of titles, but I wonder if it was more of a hindrance here, because the story, like DP's limbs, just gets cut-off by the end.