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Review: Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #10

Even if we're getting too much Deadpool, this is too good!

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Deadpool, Zombie Deadpool's skull and their friends run afoul of both A.I.M. and various reanimated supervillains in the zombieverse.

Deadpool might be glutting the market, right now (we've seen Deadpool/Cable and Deadpool Team-Up in just the past two weeks), but amazingly, the quality level is still up. I was laughing out loud, no joke, at many points during Victor Gischler's script. The stand-out for me was the gag when he literally dropped a skyscraper on the zombie Absorbing Man. Writing comedy is hard enough, writing comedy with action is even harder and Gishcler's done a knock-out job here. Bong Dazo is a name I'm going to be keeping an eye for in the future. His work has all the style and gloss of a top ten "hot" artist, but he's got a much deeper range than most artists in that category. Really, his work is almost infused with a political cartoonist's warped perspective - - he can draw sexy, manly and grotesque with equal aptitude.

It might seem like an odd thing to have a problem with, but the dialogue really needed a lot more stressed words. A lot of times new readers think putting things in bold is a little silly, but there's a good reason there's a long tradition of their use. Rather than getting the immediate reaction I should have from a lot of the dialogue - - which bold words would have sharpened my attention to - - I had to step back and re-read it. Also, I don't know, but the cover seemed a little smudgy to me. It looks great if you squint, but if you actually look at it close, it seems like it's been scanned through a fogged glass.

We might be experiencing Deadpool overload, right now. If we were to pare down the number of appearances Wade Wilson makes a month, then I'd really want Merc With A Mouth to stay around. This was one of the better comics I've read this week and I recommend it if you're looking for some excellent execution.