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Review: Deadpool Max #1

DP finally gets to live up to his name.

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A fed's undercover mission in Hammerhead's Maggia is threatened with ruination by the reckless, insane maverick he's been patterned with -- Deadpool.

The Good

As a long time DP fan, it's fun to finally see the character put in a no-holds-barred situation like this. It feels like I'm finally seeing the character as he was meant to be, rather than in the toned-down safe zone he's been forced to play in. It's a smart move on Lapham's part to tell this story from the perspective of DP's reluctant "agent," because it gives a lot more weight to the merc with a mouth's wild card unpredictability. Actually, that narrative angle, grouped with DP's depiction as a slicing 'n dicing, irrational force of nature and Baker's sex, drugs and rock 'n roll style reminded me of the seminal Elektra: Assassin in a lot of good ways.

The Bad

Baker's wild, burlesque style perfectly fits the tone and mood of this comic, but I'm confused and a bit frustrated over how often he had the glow from the colors so often bleed over the linework. I know it's a stylistic choice, but it looks more like the result of a dodgy scan in execution, especially when put in comparison to the times when his rich inks are left unadulterated. 

The Verdict - 4/5

I'm honestly shocked that it's taken this long for DP to finally get a mature reader's title. You figure that a foul-mouthed assassin named after the most morbid party game ever conceived would've entered the "adult's only" arena many years ago. While this isn't quite as much of a mind job as Elektra: Assassin, yet, it reminds me of what I liked about Punisher Max - - that is, this is a chance to see these characters as they would be in a closer semblance of reality, not as they have been depicted traditionally.