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Review: Deadpool Corps #3

A DP comic that's actually kind of... quaint.

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Believe it or not, it's Dogpool who's coming to save the day as the Deadpool Corps gets imprisoned by the agents of the Awareness. 

The Good

I liked the pop culture allusions peppered throughout this, goofing on the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek and Independence Day. Even the cover's spoof of that familiar "dog with jail keys" gag from Pirates of the Caribbean was fun too. I did like the "Conversation Ends" running gag and especially DP's final, brutal use of it.  I really should comment on Yackey's coloring in this issue because he's picking up a lot of slack and he's really carrying these pages. His coloring goes a long way to give this book polish and shine.

The Bad

Everything that's been said about Liefeld's art has been said already. There isn't a heck of a lot rendering on the scenery (which is why Yackey needs props for filling them in so deftly) while there's lots of over-rendering on specific aspects of the figures. There wasn't a lot of consistency, either, as the details of DP's costume as well as exact breed of Dogpool (he looked like a raccoon half the time) changed randomly. There also seemed to be a lot discrepancies between the art and the script, as single balloons were often filled with big chunks of text that seemed to explain what was missing in the panels. There'd be some good pithy one-liners moving the story along before it got slowed down for some excessively-long monologues.

The Verdict - 2.5/5

For all the issues I have about this issue, there's something to be said about how it all goes down so easy. It's kind of weird to say that story can about a character named Deadpool is quaint, but that's what this. Not especially good, not especially bad, but seeing these red-and-black goofballs muck around goes by just fine. This isn't one of the best of the four or five DP books out there and I think Gischler had a better handle on the character in other stories, but it's alright.