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Review: Deadpool #26

DP meets GR just outside of LV.

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After cashing his chips in at Vegas, Deadpool crosses paths with Ghost Rider, who's hellbent on making him face his long history of misdeeds.

The Good

Way and Barberi make this a hard package to resist. Their work just goes down easy. I especially enjoyed how Wade's dial spins from jokey smart ass to tightly-wound tough guy so unpredictably... it adds some real venom under even his most harmless jokes. Gracia's colors are amazing too, adding to one of the coolest depictions I've seen of Ghost Rider in a long time. Even if I have some issues with how much this actually adds to DP's mythos, it's always well told, and thus, always compelling to read.

The Bad

I'm sure this is going to have greater significance in the greater plot Way's weaving, but DP's "penance vision" doesn't really seem to reveal anything new. It's just more scenes of his days before entering the Weapon X (or just Department H? Or Department K? It's hard to keep straight) - - something we've just been seeing in Wade Wilson's War. I was actually hoping for some ghoulish reintroduction of all his victims, like we'd often get in the first volume of this solo title.

The Verdict - 4/5

Believe it or not, Deadpool is most-often a brand of quality these days. This is actually a pretty well-done "told-in-one" with a good punch line to top if off. It felt like there was some "double-dipping" going on when it came to covering history that's already recently been revisited, but either way, this was still enjoyable as a meeting (the first?) between DP and GR.