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Review: Deadpool #24

DP pulls off one hell of a mean prank.

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After stealing the House ( Weasel)'s thunder as Wild Card, Deadpool opts to help his old pal out by swapping identities to make him look better to his big casino bosses.

The Good

The single fact that this issue's entire plot revolves around Deadpool playing the most elaborate prank (or double-cross, take your pick) on Weasel earns it high marks from me. As I've said, I was a huge fan of the "classic" Joe Kelly run and I was glad to see these two crooks' relationship is still just as wonderfully damaged as ever.  I probably shouldn't get into too much detail for fear of spoiling the surprise, but I have to say that Way pulls off a tricky feat: getting you to follow DP's switching places with Weasel and his efforts to take down Grizzly like it's something sincere, only to drop the hoodwink at the end. And speaking of Grizzly, the gag about "spanking his bear-ass" was a stitch. I also continue to enjoy the work Barberi, Vlasco and especially Garcia are putting into the art and production on this title. Everything - - from mecha battles over the strip to money counting dens - - is so slick to look at.

The Bad

You know, even though this was a great read, I really am starting to share the sense of "over-exposure" that most readers have been feeling about Deadpool. I almost picked up the wrong title this week because there were actually two DP titles this week.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

This might not have the epic pathos that Kelly's run had, but it's still vintage Deadpool fun and one of the most consistently entertaining books I've been reading from Marvel lately. I was looking forward to reading it this week and wasn't disappointed. If you're suffering from Deadpool overload, be sure to still grab this title. And, once again, I'll say it was a real riot to have this whole "superheroics in Vegas" plot turn out to be a big practical joke. It amounted to great combo of super-hero action and black comedy.