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Review: Deadpool #1000

Maybe the first anthology I've read where EVERY short is awesome.

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Eleven stories show Deadpool in pretty much every scenario conceivable, drawing from almost every era of the character from the classic 'Pool stories to even recent storylines like the DP Corps.

The Good

I was laughing out loud many times while I was reading this (LOLZ for realz.) You've got eleven creative teams here and they all nail DP's signature brand of black humor, madcap action and meta surrealism. I was really surprised by the breadth of scenarios and parodies they were able to put DP in, from a truly-inspired Blackest Night spoof in "Silentist Night" to a Dada-esque take-off on the Maltese Falcon and even a brilliant Twilight send-up dealing with a romance between a Chupacabra and a goat. Hell, even the topic of there being too many Deadpools isn't safe. There was room for some attitude and bite in Howard Chaykin's bad ass bar mitzvah-themed short and, believe it or not, even some dramatic, serious twists in the Texas Hold 'Em story.  I'd be remiss not to mention the stories about DP getting outrageously obese, considering a sponsorship deal as Captain Canada and his snark existential crisis that ends with the best dead cat punch line in comics history.  Even the one or two pages about him getting "un-friended" on a Faceless Book for disfigured villains and a "day in the life of Deadpool" were hillarious.

The Bad

You know, there really wasn't anything lacking in this special. Even the pin-ups and cover spoofs were worth it!

The Verdict - 5/5

I still don't totally understand the logic behind giving these specials bogus high-numbering, but I'll be damned if I haven't enjoyed the results. $6.99 is a bit steep, but I can't say that I found any of the stories in this special to be lacking, which is pretty remarkable for an anthology of this size. You definitely are getting your value per page, here.  All the writing was sharp, all the art was crisp, and there were really no redundancies. I suppose this is the first time I ought to compliment an editor on a book well done, so kudos to Sebastian Girner and Axel Alonso for making this such a worthwhile special when it could've just been another excessive cash-in.