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Review: DC Universe Legacies #1

Find out how the DC Universe on Earth started here.

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Have you ever wondered how the world of DC Superheroes got started? Not just Batman or Superman though, all the other Golden Age heroes, some you may not know. DC Universe Legacies covers the beginning of the DC Universe heroes and more specifically, the start of the Justice Society of . This book features premier artists such as Scott Kolins, Andy Kubert, and Joe Kubert.

The Good

This book doesn’t necessarily follow the Justice Society members themselves, but a single man who had a health obsession with the Golden Age heroes. I loved the take on this. Too many times, we just follow the team, but less often, we follow someone that looks up to them and has their own bump-ins with the heroes. This book does a great job at introducing the reader to two characters who may not get the limelight as much as the rest of the JSA, Sandman and the original Atom. The back-up story features the original Spectre and Dr Fate drawn by J.G. Jones. I was really digging the art on the back-up, even moreso than the first story featuring the Kuberts. Both stories were written by Len Wein, and they were both incredibly fun reads. The story itself was a bigger stand-out to me than the art though. Again, I like the point of view from someone who’s not a hero much more than just following a team around.

The Bad

The Kuberts have a distinct style, and most of the time I really like it, but there were times within this issue were I just wasn’t enjoying it. It was few and far between, but some panels, a couple of medium shots actually, looked a bit awkward. During the second story, I felt the art was a little too good for the writing to where I’d stop reading panels because the writing just wasn’t strong enough to keep up with the art.

The Verdict – 4/5

Look, I’m bias when it comes to Golden Age DC comics. If you put the JSA in a book, I’m going to enjoy it. But, trying to look at it from another point of view, I really think most DC fans would enjoy this book, since we don’t have the origin of these heroes in a new comic once every five years like we do with Superman and Batman. It’s a highly interesting read, and if you’ve never read a JSA book, you’ll be introduced to some awesome characters.