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Review: Dazzler One Shot

Will Dazzler dazzle you?

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Will Dazzler dazzle you in this one shot issue? I'll be honest, I hoped they would change her outfit.  

The Good

I was really looking forward to this issue after I heard that Jim McCann would be writing it, being that he is such a fan of the character. McCann has a solid grasp of Dazzler's character and the relationship she has with her sister, Lois. While the issue does start out somewhat slow, (I am not a fan of L.A. nightclub scenes, but I realize that it is a part of her character) it definitely picks up toward the middle and gets you at the edge of your seat. The fight sequence with the primary antagonist in this issue is absolutely awesome and made the comic worth reading. The adversary McCann chooses is like the "ying" to Dazzler's "yang." This adversary is the perfect choice. McCann really thinks the fight through, too, providing a psychological analysis of the sequence in the narrative which made reading it very interesting. 
This issue is a perfect one shot because it is a journey of self realization and self discovery for Dazzler. She realizes that it is not the "mutant" that makes her who she is, but an abundance of different characteristics. These scenes are beautifully written and are very interesting. I was surprised the comic was only $3.99 considering Marvel has no problem charging $4.99 for many of their one-shot issues. You get a lot with this issue and the story is split into two part. Overall, it's a good read and great for readers that are unfamiliar with the character since it provides an introduction into who she is.   

The Bad

I really did not like the second part of this comic which features Dazzler in Utopia. I think the scene where Dazzler is on the phone with her mother was relatively boring, and a little bit of a drag. I like sappy, but this felt over the top. I think it would have been better if she had simply reminisced about her past and what the steps she took to get her to where she is now, as opposed to all that inner dialogue on the phone with her Mother. 

The Verdict - 3.5/5

This comic was a lot of fun to read, and it delves into the psychological elements of what makes Dazzler tick while maintaining the momentum of a superhero/action comic book (even if that second portion was a bit of a drag). You really get a lot for your buck with this issue. I wouldn't mind this being a mini series and I think it is refreshing to see a character that doesn't get a whole lot of time in the spotlight. If you are new to the character, this is a great book to pick up as it is a self contained story and you don't really need a lot of background information to understand who she is and what is going on.