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Review: Daughters of the Shadow #1

Shining a lot on every corner of Shadowland.

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After she's mysterious prevented from busting a corrupt massage parlor by the police, Colleen Wing goes directly to Daredevil to learn the secrets of her a heritage that will finally grant her retribution.

The Good

Henderson's got great cadence and Rodriguez's art is sleek. This is a well executed book that treats it characters and action seriously. Even with Wing's busting heads at Shadowland (and relishing in how the Hand ninjas die strangely) being suitably thrilling, I think I got the most enjoyment out of her dialogue with Misty Knight in the alley - - how she wounds her with little things she says. The retcon that establishes her family's link to the Hand may yet prove to pump this character up in terms of being more interesting the Marvel mythos.  Up until now, she's just been a white girl with samurai swords.

The Bad

To be honest, this was the first Shadowland tie-in I've read where I've felt like it was overlapping too much with another one. In this case, I really wonder if this should've been folded into Blood on the Streets, which came out last week, because Misty Knight was the star of that, too. Even though she's a supporting character here, there's a whole bio devoted to her in the back, so I'm sure she'll be playing a bigger role soon. And that makes for two books about Misty's reaction to DD's action in Shadowland. Also, I wasn't feeling the cover. I know they were trying to go for a style more evocative of traditional Japanese art, but it looks a bit awkward and ill-rendered.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

I'd probably be feeling this particular title more if were coming out on its own, away from Shadowland, but I can't help evaluating it in the context of the greater crossover and I'm definitely feeling some fatigue. Wing's roll as leader of this counter Hand (or Hand splinter group,I'm not quite clear on it) could prove to be gripping, but if you're choosing between Shadowland tie-ins this week, I recommend Power Man over this.