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Review: Daredevil #511

DD's hurting the ones he loves!

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While Becky Blake and Dakota North try to survive the riots Shadowland's causing, Foggy Nelson decides to go straight to the source and confront DD in his lair.

The Good

I'm seriously digging de la Torre's art. The work impressively achieves urban grit and a rough charcoal texture with a clarity and finesse in a way I've rarely seen. Diggle does a great job, also, of establishing the visceral, messy, sometimes-awkward realities that these normal human beings have to surmount - - simple things like Becky Blake facing down an ominous, wheelchair-unfriendly staircase and Foggy huffing and puffing while climbing Shadowland's roof one shingle at a time.

The Bad

I know this is part of a larger storyline that's probably given Daredevil plenty of facetime already, but... I still would've like to have seen more of the guy in this issue of his own title. The cover's actually kind of misleading in that respect, because this one's really more about DD's supporting cast than DD himself - - and I was hoping to see the guy!

The Verdict - 3.5/5

I've been seriously enjoying Shadowland, even though I'm getting it in a piecemeal fashion. This is the first issue of DD I've read in a long time and, while I would've liked to have seen more of hornhead himself, I can definitely get a sense of this being a well-shaped piece of the crossover's larger puzzle. I do wonder if this particular story might've been better served in one of the one-shot tie-ins, though.