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Review: Daredevil #507

Pretty much the prequel to the upcoming Shadowland.

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Left Hand Path story line concludes and the scene is set up for the upcoming Shadowland story line as secrets are revealed and friends become enemies.

The Good

Getting right to it, the best parts of this book were the action and panel composition. Panel composition is pretty simple during these scenes: four long panels, stretching from top to bottom, but with what's happening inside the panels, they work amazingly. I'm mainly talking about two pages here, but they blew me away. There's a sense of height and endangerment through these eight, in total, panels that couldn't be portrayed any better. I can't remember two pages of a comic I've liked better than these two. Marco Checchetto (art) and Matt Hollingsworth (color) compliment each other incredibly well in this book. It reminds me of mid-90s Marvel artwork, but done exceptionally well. Though I can't say I know exactly what's going on storywise, I'm very excited to continue on with this book, and better get an understanding for what has happened in the past couple of years. From what it seems, Andy Diggle and Antony Johnston has some great set up in here for the upcoming Shadowland book, which this whole issue pretty much was.

The Bad

I've been out of the DareDevil loop for about two years, so coming in right before a major story line was a bit confusing. The preview page helped a little, but not enough to really catch me up on what was going on in the issue. Usually, I don't feel like I need to read the last 10 issues to understand what's going on, especially in a Marvel book; however, the DareDevil world has seemingly moved forward quicker than I anticipated, leaving me pretty confused.

The Verdict - 4/5

If you've been reading the book, you'll love this. No doubt about it. This seems to be a great set-up for the upcoming Shadowland mini-series, so if you're interested in that, this would be a good book to pick up... This and the couple issues prior to it. I'm sure if I was following the book, it easily would have gotten 5/5.