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Review: Cowboy Ninja Viking #6

Get ready for some more crazy action.

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With the release of issue #6, things start off in a new direction. This is one of those "jumping on points." If you've heard me rave about the series before and still haven't picked up the first five issues (or the just released trade), you can still start off with this issue and follow along.

The Good

I still dig the whole concept. Having these trained...soldiers with split personalities continues to deliver that level of the unexpected. You feel like you never know what's going to happen next, in a good way. The more you read of Duncan (the titular character), the more you see that he is not simply a gimmick character. There is more to him than just a trained killer. Throw in the fact that Duncan has to visit a shrink in this issue, we're about to learn more than bargained for. There's also that crazy ending that could literally change everything!
The art is the other piece to this glorious comic. Riley Rossmo's art continues to tell the story along with the dialogue. The use of a single color has been tweaked a bit as we now see more than one in the issue. The way it's dispersed continues to enhance the story telling.

The Bad

The series has gone through a big change since issue one. Change is good. It started with Duncan being more on his own. Now that he's operating with feels different. It's not a bad thing. Even though he has three personalities, it's good that there are actual other characters for him to interact with. Simply put, I'm on the fence with this "team" idea but I know that Lieberman and Rossmo will continue to play out the tricks up their sleeves.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

This is one of the "funnest" books out there. The story and art have a depth that a lot of other books lack. The idea that this series isn't dependent on a universe full of other characters is also a plus. You can dive right in and experience the story without having to worry what is happening in twenty other books. If you haven't checked this out yet, give it a shot.
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