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Review: Conan The Cimmerian #22

Did Conan survive last issue? Get ready for a new story arc.

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A new arc but the story continues from the last one. 

The Good

I've recently started getting into the Conan comics. What kept me away in the past was the idea that you knew what would happen. Conan would fight (bloody violent battles) and win in the end. Then repeat. I joked when I reviewed the last issue that we didn't know if Conan would survive after his "defeat." Conan fans can rest assured knowing that he is back. Even though this is a new arc, the story does pick up from last issue. We see a battered Conan ready to get revenge.
What keeps this from being just another "Conan defeating everyone" story is it's not just about Conan. The first few pages serve to tell us about an "old legend" that is bound to cause some problems for Conan when he arrives on "the Island."
The art captures Conan's essence and Jose Villarrubia's color are something to look at. 

The Bad

There are some moments where the story feels a little cliché. You can pretty much see how the "legend" at the beginning will end and we also see a typical "damsel in distress" for Conan to save. How much both will factor into this arc remains to be seen.

The Verdict - 4/5

Despite not being a huge Conan fan, I still enjoyed this comic. I liked that Conan's still recovering from the massive battle in the last arc yet he can still kick butt. It's great having a continuation and some closure while also setting the stage for the next arc. The "island" in question could make for a very interesting stage in this next arc. If you're a Conan fan or simply love swords and violence, you should already have plans to pick this up. If you're looking to give Conan a try, it's a new arc so you can jump right in. 
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