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Review: Conan The Cimmerian #21

The final part of the Kozaki arc, hold onto your hats!

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This the final part of the three issue story. Will Conan be changed after the events here?

The Good

Right away the color and art just knocks you back. The first page alone makes you feel like you're truly reading a classic Conan story. It looks and feels old but not in an old stuffy way.
Last issue I complained that there wasn't as much violence as I would have expected. We do get more. Blood flowing, heads getting cleaved by swords, limbs flying, it's all here.

The Bad

As the final part in a three-issue arc, obviously this isn't a good jumping on point. We do get a solid ending to the arc but it almost felt like it was an abrupt ending. The action picks up again and then the issue is left with three panels to give it all closure.

The Verdict - 4/5

Conan is a badass, no doubt. This series shows that Conan can still be a great and fun read among today's other comics. With a Conan comic, you expect certain things. It's great to be able to get them. This issue also shows that the outcome may not be as predictable as you might think. Conan is defeated. What will happen before the story ends?