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Review: Chaos War: Thor #1

Thor vs. glory?

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Flung to Earth by a hideous demon named Glory, Thor (in his mortal form) is taken in by a widow who's going through a crisis of faith.

The Good

Part of the appeal of tie-in specials like this is the chance to more deeply explore themes or situations that can only be briefly touched upon or simply just alluded to in the main story. Crisscrossing world mythologies as dramatically as Chaos War has (if you think about it)  would actually play a lot of heads games with the faiths of average human beings. So the hook of the widow's existential crisis is definitely quite ripe for some heavy drama.

The Bad

I'm all for giving stories like a more poetic kind of third person narration, but I feel like it goes on a lot longer here than it should've. I was already kind-of confused about what, exactly, the villain was supposed to be (a snarling monster called Glory who happens to the be the embodiment of several pantheons?) and it feel like my comprehension was further tangled by this approach to storytelling.

The Verdict - 3/5

I've been enjoying  Chaos War a lot so far and this is, indeed, the first comic to answer my concerns last week about how we were seeing few of the ramifications of the Chaos King's rampage in the mini-series itself.  I've got a feeling that there's an ace up the sleeve here that's yet to be dealt, but I hope next issue is going to be a little clearer and more direct.