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Review: Chaos War #3

None are immune to Chaos King's cruelty.

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Herc's god squad crumbles before the Chaos King's terrible might during the evil overlord's blazing campaign through the heavens.

The Good

My favorite scene in this was definitely when the Chaos King was summarily executing the kingdoms of all the pantheons in quick succession. Not only was it poetic in its brutality, but I appreciated seeing mythologies other than the Greeks' and Norse's getting significant face time. That being said, Herc's dramatic scene with Zeus (I won't spoil it) was some powerhouse, and truly touching, drama.

The Bad

I suppose it's not a criticism of the story per se, but it feels like we've gotten awfully far into this storyline without seeing the repercussions its incurring on the rest of the Marvel universe. Surely, that'll all be taken care of in all the tie-in specials coming out this month, but it still does feel a little odd that we're more than halfway through this series and we still haven't seen a lot of the effects yet.

The Verdict - 4/5

Fans of both real world and superheroic mythologies are going to find a lot to like in this series, because I've definitely been having a ball.  Even though we're getting another story of an abstract big bad threatening the multiverse, the path Chaos War is going on feels decidedly unconventional. To flip my criticism on its head... if you dig crossovers, but grow fatigued with them getting too spread out, then you're going to appreciate the insular nature of this.