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Review: Captain America: Man Out of Time #1

We need a book about Cap in the 40s.

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Cap's last days in World War II and his first days in modern times are recounted.

The Good

Waid  is one of those few writers whose name you can always, without fail, associate with a good read. Even though this umpteenth retelling of Cap's transitional days, he still makes the first half of this book the most fun the character's been in a long while. You can relate to Cap and Bucky, you feel like you're in a very well-realized snapshot of the 40s and you're along for the ride every panel of storytelling offers (seriously, the two splash transition was a sharp hit.) And Molina work is a slick total package - - definitely a talent to watch out for.

The Bad

I was seriously enjoying the book right up until Cap steps onto the New York streets. From there, it takes a turn that really dropped off from what I was enjoying. Where did the Avengers go? Did they just forget about him? We get the "superhero preventing a back alley mugging/rape" cliche and, honestly, it felt like the air had been let out of this balloon.

The Verdict - 3/5

After this, I really want to see Waid and Molina do a monthly book about Cap's time serving in World War II. Enough of the main characters have two or three books, often with a lot of overlap, and this would really be a case another title is justified. I'm almost a little leery of what the rest of this mini will hold now that we're out of the war.