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Review: Captain America #608

Will Zemo get his revenge?

Zemo is trying to ruin Bucky's life, and in this latest issue, secret information on Bucky's former job could be released to the public.

The Good

We've seen villains try to ruin heroes lives a million times in comic books, but in this issue of Captain America, it works incredibly well simply because Bucky has such a dark past. There's a couple big things about Bucky that are revealed, in sorts, within this issue, and it will eventually turn this character's life upside-down. The book moved incredibly quick, in a good way, and it's all just really set-up for the next couple of issues. I'm very excited to see where this book will go in the next couple of months. Brubaker has done an amazing job with these characters on this book for the past five years.

The Bad

I do not like the art. It feels a bit klunky and doesn't mix with the story that well. I long for the days of Hitch or Epting to return to the book. The art style in here feels like it came from the Silver Age with a contemporary colorist on it. It just doesn't fit. I'd rather see a more contemporary style than anything, even if it's sub-par. As always, I'm not a fan of the back-up story. The only Nomad I like is six feet under right now.

The Verdict 4/5

Yet again, we're getting into another amazing story arc by Ed Brubaker. This is one of those more rare occasions where the story is strong enough for me to ignore the fact I didn't like another aspect of the book. If you're a Captain America fan, pick this book up. Non-Cap fans may have trouble jumping in since so much has changed with this character over the past 5 years.