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Review: Bruce Wayne The Road Home: Red Robin

A one-shot dealing with Bruce's return and his interaction with Red Robin.

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There's a bunch of Bruce Wayne: The Road Home one-shots out this week, some of them are connected. 

The Good 

The issue begins with Bruce Wayne's "White Casebook" and his thoughts of Tim (as Red Robin) in action. It's great to hear Bruce's thoughts and concerns as Tim continues his journey to the next level of his crime fighting career. The team of Fabian Nicieza and Ramon Bachs makes it feel like this is a regular issue of Red Robin rather than just a Red Robin one-shot. 
There is also more on Vicki Vale and the fact that she's pretty darn sure she knows all the Bat-secrets. You'll definitely want to see what happens when she confronts Alfred with all this. 

The Bad 

This was the first "The Road Home" title I read this week so I felt a tiny bit lost at first. There's also the fact that The Return Of Bruce Wayne #5 (of 6) also came out and Bruce still hasn't made his return. Yet in these one-shots, Bruce is indeed back. Unfortunately the bad timing of the releases throws things off a little. 

The Verdict - 4.5/5 

I wasn't really sure how I felt about Tim taking on the Red Robin guise at first and I really wasn't sure what he would do once Bruce returned. Obviously there is the feel that we're missing something as Bruce is back, in a new costume but that's just something beyond our control. Putting those minor issues aside, this was a really good story. Things are getting set into motion. These may be a series of one-shots but with the bits left hanging, you're going to want to read this issue and the others to see more on Bruce Wayne's return.