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Review: Bruce Wayne - The Road Home: Catwoman #1

My, has Selina grown up...

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Catwoman starts shadowing Vicki Vale once the reporter's investigation brings her into the dangerous circles of Gotham's criminal underworld.

The Good

I enjoyed Nguyen's recent arc on Gotham City Sirens and he brings the same style and solid storytelling here. It's worth saying that he draws some mighty pretty ladies. While I had some issues about the soundness of Bruce's new identity (more on that below), I could definitely get into the action it inspires here. How Selina has something of a touch-and-go relationship with Vicki; how she'll keep her out of harm's way, but only help her so much.

The Bad

I suppose it's a tricky balancing rope to walk on, but I still think the ruminations about love and destiny got a little maudlin. Also, since I've gotten to read more of these "road home" tie-ins, I do question how sound a plan it's been for Bruce to test all his allies and friends with this new masked identity. You'd think Selina, more than anybody, would be able to sniff out such a ruse immediately.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

As with the previous one-shot with Batgirl, this is actually a pretty strong character study.  Catwoman's ambivalence toward Vicki Vale and her investigation, as well as Bruce's final assessment of her own character, give a surprising amount of nuance to the archetypal vamp we're so familiar with. Even though I think the conceit of Bruce's tests gets stretched a little too far, I've been enjoying these one-shots in that respect.