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Review: Brightest Day- Justice League #45

Could this be the return of Alan Scott?!

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What exactly is the Starheart, and could this mean the return of Alan Scott

The Good

James Robinson successfully meshes the Justice League characters with members of the Justice Society in this issue. The two teams are well represented and interact well with one another. Robinson draws on elements such as the " Starheart" and incorporates them into the storyline virtually effortlessly. I found myself thinking that the writer must have had new readers in mind when he wrote this considering how organized the issue is laid out. Alan Scott is well represented in this issue, and readers are given a brief introduction to his character as well as the significance of the "Starheart." If you haven't been reading up on the series, this issue is a good place to start since it acts as a prelude to a new story arc that will feature Alan Scott. However, is this the Alan Scott we know and love?
== TEASER ==
While he appeared rather briefly, I really enjoyed the portrayal of Mr. Terrific's character in this issue. I thought his dialogue was, well, terrific. Yeah, I went there. Often times in major team books I feel certain characters are neglected, but Robinson really brings Mr. Terrific's character to the forefront as the representative of the JSA.
While I have never been much of a fan of Jade's character, I really enjoyed her portrayal here. Prior to this issue, I always felt that Jade was simply Kyle Rayner's ex girlfriend, and I really felt that Robinson tried to define her character here. In this issue, Robinson delves considerably into Jade's character by addressing her present situation- in fact, at times it seems she is almost psychoanalyzing herself. Robinson is defining her character by giving her a personality while simultaneously setting up for a major event that is sure to impact her tremendously.
Mark Bagley not only draws some stunning pictures, but he captures the full momentum and emotion of all of the characters in this issue. The two side by side pages of Alan Scott and Jade two pages into the issue really stood out to me and it felt almost like a foreshadowing of things to come.

The Bad

My only real complaint was that Power Girl seems to get lost in this issue. One minute she is there, the next she is gone. However, so much happened in this book that explaining what had happened to PG might have just cramped the story and is something I assume will be addressed in the following issue.

The Verdict - 5/5

Action packed! James Robinson's Justice League of America is one of the best superhero team books out right now, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite DC titles. This coming from a reader who struggles with team books. Robinson has a grasp and understanding of his characters and it shows. 


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Posted By MissPower

I really want to this pick this up! :D

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Posted By Timm

any book with mr terrific is good.

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Posted By The Cyan Lantern

Still don't see how this will become relevant to Brightest Day.

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Edited By Theodore

@The Cyan Lantern:  because of Jade

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Posted By The Cyan Lantern

  Yeah she's back but when you look at BD 1&2 we see some complications when they come back. Either it's too minor for me to tell or not there at all, but I haven't really seen her major problem really play out.

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Posted By Mbecks14

I miss the days when JLA didn't suck.

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Posted By chalkshark

I'm a bit perplexed regarding the "return of Alan Scott" question at the top of the article. To my knowledge, he hasn't been missing. He's a current member of the Justice Society of America. He was well featured in the Blackest Night crossover mini-series. While he was killed in the current story arc playing out in Justice Society of America, the time travel element in that plot pretty much guarantees the reset button being pushed on his murder. So.... what exactly is he returning from in the Justice League story?

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Posted By No_Name_
@chalkshark: Read the issue! He's not quite himself...
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Posted By Green Flash

Great review, great issue.  I can't wait until the team really comes together and interacts.  Also, Bagley has really stepped up in the art department.  Jade and her powers looked awesome.  Kudos to Robinson as well for Utilizing Jese quick when the plane exploded.  Cool speed scene.

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Posted By Ryonslaught
@Babs:  I hate reading babs reviews.....because when I'm done I want the issue so bad! Now I have-to find the mullah to get this issue! :(
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Posted By doordoor123

I didnt really like this issue until the end. But i understand that there was a lot of information that needed to be let out.

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Posted By greenenvy

Issue 2 of brightest day this week sucked because of the disappointment that there where no Hal Jordan so what a let down there. However justice league brightest day this week certainly made it up a lot wow.  

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Posted By harleyquinn12

I love Mark Bagley's art in this, much better than his Trinity work, although that wasn't half bad either!
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Posted By edcerc

im not crazy about anything ive read by james robinson. Some of his dialogue is pretty cheesy to the point groan worthy.