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Review: Brightest Day #14

C'mon... who's the REAL chosen one?

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Deadman passes his ring along to Batman, convinced he's the chosen one - - but the ring itself might actually disagree.

The Good

This was a surprisingly-good character study that delved into Deadman's regrets about his own selfishness without ever getting overwrought. Actually, Johns and Tomasi drew a very sharp line from that history to Brand's current shirking of responsibility vis a vis jumping to the conclusion of Batman being the chosen one. Being as frustrated by "hero quest" cliches as I am, I appreciated their inversion of that trope.

The Bad

I realize this is a bi-weekly book and the pacing is thus going to be a bit more deliberate than the typical monthly book you'll read. It actually does pack a lot into the issue, but still... I felt like the pages of Deadman's acrobatics throughout Gotham ran a little too leisurely. Also, while the set-ups were great, Batman's "Zero, freeze!" zinger kind of stretched the joke too far.

The Verdict - 4/5

Even though I've been reading basically all of the Brightest Day tie-ins, this is actually the first issue I've gotten to read of the series itself. The storytelling's tight enough, of course, that I don't even need a recap to follow what's going on. Having been a huge fan of Tomasi's run on Green Lantern Corps, I've come to appreciate the unique synergy he and Johns have when they're working together like this.