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Review: Black Widow #3

Elektra and Black Widow battle it out!

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The story continues as Black Widow and Elektra square off.

The Good

I had no clue Daniel Acuña was on this book! When I realized that, I was excited. As always, Acuña does an amazing job with action. His panel transition is smooth, seamless, and it feels like you're watching an action film. He's one of the few artists that gets me excited about a dialogue-less page. One the writing side of things, Marjorie Liu wrote this book, and there's a difference of night and day between this and the Dark Wolverine book she co-wrote this week. Black Widow is tough, cool, and a mixture of Dick Tracy, The Spirit, and every bad-a$$ noir detective I could think of, but cooler. Yes, I feel that strongly about her from this single issue. Most of all, it was a real fun read. Although the whole story is about Black Widow being hunted, I still felt the story, or rather character, was light-hearted underneath it all.

The Bad

A few times, Acuña's art on character's faces would look weird. It only happened once or twice, but it was enough to catch my attention. Occasionally, someone's eyes would be farther apart than normal, or the eyes would simply be a little too big.

The Verdict: 4.5/5

An incredibly solid issue, which surprised me since I am not really a fan of Black Widow. This book made me want more, just enough to go back and read the first two issues. I may be a little biased because I'm a huge fan of  Acuña's work, but aside from that the writing was a lot of fun and incredibly strong. I highly recommend this book.