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Review: Black Widow #1

Black Widow, Black Rose.

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The Black Widow's run in with an old fellow spy, the Black Rose, leaves her vulnerable for a rather brutal bout of attack and torture from an unknown old foe.
Once things get rolling, there's an appealing sharpness to Liu's script. The romantic dinner between Black Widow and Bucky Barnes, including Natasha's ducking out to threaten her neighbor's cheating husband, felt very genuine. You can believe that these are not only two intelligent adults out on date, but that they're also capable super-spies taking some time off. Bucky, Iron Man and Wolverine's reactions to her later hospitalization are similarly truthful Acuna's illustrations are really a marvel when they're on, producing panels that are akin to good photography.

Despite his talents, Acuna doesn't seem especially cut out for action. The two fights in this issue have some awkward poses and a reduction in line quality that really sticks out in comparison to the work in the rest of the issue. Also, I was a little put-off that the Black Widow takes such a vulnerable and passive role for the majority of this, the first issue of what's supposed to be her own series. 

Though things get off to something of a start-stop beginning, once this get rolling, this is a tight comic. Considering that the action scenes floundered a little and that Natasha spends a good chunk of this issue sprawled out, I'd almost prefer to see a series just about how she lives her normal life with Bucky.