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Review: Birds of Prey #6

Feathers fly in Bangkok.

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Huntress and Lady Shiva enter into deadly match to decide the fate of the imperiled, kidnapped Sin.

The Good

Thailand rarely gets used as a locale in comics, so I give this issue credit for featuring a setting that was not only unusual, but also authentically researched.  Even just little touches like the specific flourishes in the Birds' "paradisaical prison" added a wonderful flavor to the plot. While I question the precise handling of the resolution, I still felt like the climax, pitting heroine against heroine, was a superbly creative twist on the usual end brawl.

The Bad

Maybe it was established in the first half of the arc (an issue I sadly had to miss) - - maybe it still makes for a cool culture clash - - but it seemed like Lady Shiva shook off, a bit too fast, the intense feelings she had during her duel with Huntress.  While the fact that they come to a begrudging respect is a actually pretty effective, the immediacy of the change is almost a little comical.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

This is an all-too-brief sampling of the series for me, but I did enjoy how the Birds are defined not simply by having an all-girl's line-up or by having bird-themed members, but by the unusual locations and situations they find themselves in. A new arc's staring next issue, so I'm looking forward to get firmer footing to follow these femme fatales and give them a more accurate assessment. I've been loving Secret Six, so I know I'll like this.