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Review: Batman Streets of Gotham #16

The return of Hush as Bruce Wayne!

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Hush, who had plastic surgery done to look like Bruce Wayne, continues to pose as Gotham city's number one playboy while being "babysat" by Zatanna. What does he have planned for the city and who's trying to kill him?

The Good

Many Streets of Gotham fans, like myself, have been waiting for this storyline to pick back up, and the creative team of Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen deliver a highly entertaining book. Even though Thomas "Hush" Elliot has been posing as Bruce Wayne for quite some time, the justice league still doesn't trust him, which they shouldn't. We get bits and pieces of what hush may be planning, and it looks like he's going to turn Gotham upside down. As always with Dini and Nguyen, they deliver a well drawn and written book that's reminiscent of the Batman the animated series from the 90s.

The Bad

This issue moves pretty slow, but it's mostly doing so because it's re-establishing Hush as a key villain in the rogues gallery. In addition, a couple of issues ago, they set this story up, then had one issue featuring two-face, and they conclude the story as a back-up in this issue. The problem with this is that you're getting into the current storyline and then right in the middle, you're dealt a new creative team and story, and sometimes the story is just uninteresting.

The Verdict 4/5

This is a great jumping on point for new readers, as long as you're aware what is going on in the batman universe. This is one of the best creative teams on any comic and is highly recommended if you're interested in the world that batman lives in.