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Review: Batman Confidential #50

What's going on here?

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Batman's trailing of a grisly serial killer takes him to a strange castle in the mountains of China.

The Good

Unlike a lot of people, I thoroughly enjoyed Identity Crisis and I'm intrigued by how this comic's revisiting Batman's infamous "mindwipe" scene from his personal POV. They hint a little that this storyline might be exploring the long-term damage that erasure has had on Bats' memory and general psyche and I'm really hoping that all this round-around in China will be dredging that up. Also, I really enjoyed the back-and-forth device Bingham employed by coloring certain panels.

The Bad

The inclusion of the Silver Age homage is a bit puzzling. I'm not sure why they'd have a Justice League story where Bats isn't even in the line-up featured in a Batman title, for one. Also, I think it ran a little long for what was supposed to be a fun, tongue-in-cheek add-on. Maybe the Vampire from Outer Space is going to factor in to the later story, but I'm not seeing how as of yet.

The Verdict - 3/5

This whole thing jumped around a little too much for my tastes - - both in the main feature and in the back-up's inclusion - - but I'm curious enough about the potential Identity Crisis hold-outs to come back next month. And, since I haven't encountered Bingham's art before, I'll add this is work here's definitely eye-catching. A bit of Neal Adams, a bit of Klaus Janson... and a whole lot of painterly panache.