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Review: Batman Confidential #45

Zombies, vampires, Batman, oh my!

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Batman and Dimeter, a vampire, have teamed up once again to fight off reanimated corpses (zombies).

The Good

The one thing I'll say this book does above everything else is the Detective work from Bruce Wayne that we've missed so much over the past year. There's a lot of mystery within this issue, which is pretty cool to read, since we haven't had much of that in a Batman book in quite some time. It was a really quick read, which for me was fine since I wasn't digging on the story as much.

The Bad

The story isn't that interesting to me. Although I liked the detective part of it, the rest of it wasn't my cop of tea. I've personally never liked it when Batman has to go up against the super-natural too much. Same goes for the art. I wasn't digging it. This is one of those books I won't remember reading 5 years from now, as I stumble upon this review. Even the non-traditional panel composition, which I usually love, wasn't something I enjoyed.

The Verdict- 3/5

Even though this isn't my favorite storyline in this comic, I'm so glad this book exists. It's really nice to see random creative team write and draw Batman the way they want to with things that interest them. I always recommend this book to people, and although not every storyline isn't a huge hit to me, it may be to someone else. If you're into zombies and vampires, pick this one up, you'll have fun; otherwise, wait until the next arc.