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Review: Batman Beyond #5

Hush revealed, but is it who we really think it is?

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The story unravels a bit more as Hush, who was revealed the last issue, leaves Terry for dead and only Catwoman can save him? And what role does Dick Grayson play in all of this?  
This review will contain spoilers!

The Good

Loving the cover, first off. This would make an awesome poster. Dick Grayson was revealed to be Hush in the last issue, and a few people were pretty pissed about it; however, this issue turns things around as it is revealed that Dick Grayson was cloned because Waller wanted a clone of Batman, but felt his (Bruce) psyche was too unstable, and that he wouldn't take orders. So, they got the next best thing, Dick Grayson. Waller wanted her own person Batman. Cloned Grayson escapes, and he just happened to lose his mind. For me, this plot twist was just ok, but by the end of the issue, I liked the outcome of the issue. I'm loving the fact that the new Catwoman is actually the daughter or a D-List DC villain. I know it's a little "M2ish," but it works well in this story. As always, the art is great in this book. It mixes elements of the television show with contemporary comic book art styles. Beechen's writing, again, is great and he really knows how to capture these characters, even if Bruce ends up showing his soft side for a few panels, which is a tad out of character for him. (Bruce cares about something? Finally!)

The Bad

I don't like waiting for the next issue. The single issues themselves move a tad slow, but when you read them 1-5, it works very well. I'm still a little iffy on this new Catwoman, especially when there are some great Batman Beyond villains and allies that they could still use.

The Verdict 4/5

If you like the show, you'll love this book. It's as simple as that. Yes, the story can be viewed as a bit repetitive compared to the Return of the Joker film, but I really think this has its own flair to it. I can't wait to see this as its own on-going series. Highly Recommended.