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Review: Batman Beyond #4

Hush revealed! (Spoiler free review!)

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The identity of the masked killer is finally revealed! Is it Thomas "Hush" Elliot? And how will Terry stop this crazed killer without the help of Bruce Wayne?

The Good

This has been said before by myself and fellow reviewer Zack Freeman, this book reads so much like the television show, with a little bit more of an adult twist. There are two huge reveals in this issue. We learn why Dick Grayson stopped being Nightwing and stopped talking to Bruce, and we learn the true identity of "Hush." Both of these reveals are pretty shocking and really help the reader understand what happened to the characters of Gotham city and let us know that Bruce Wayne is a bit of a jerk. The art and writing are extremely solid and you feel like you're right back into the television series, with a little bit of a darker side to it, since WB wasn't too keen on characters getting stabbed in the chest.

The Bad

I feel like there's shades of plots from the series being re-hatched here. There is a bit of a twist on them, but there's no denying you've seen this stuff before. Secondly, I just don't care for the new Catwoman. If she died in the next issue, I'd high five the writer. Hopefully, in the last two issues, I get a reason not to hate her.

The Verdict 4.5/5

Why is this only six issues? I think this would be a superb on-going series, especially with Hush as a main villain. I had my doubts originally about whether this television series would transfer over to comics a decade later, but all my doubts have been blasted out of the water. This is a must read for fans of the television series, a must read for Batman fans, and a high recommendation to everyone else.