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Review: Batman Beyond #3

This is just like an episode of the show!

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Terry McGinnis spreads thin as his Batman duties start intruding on his normal life - - a dilemma ratcheted up by the increased lethality of Hush's vendetta against the rogue's gallery.

The Good

Everything I loved about Batman Beyond is back! It's like no time has passed at all. A lot of us used to comment that when BB was at its best, it recalled the classic Lee/ Romita era of Spider-Man and that's very much the case here. You can't help but feel for Terry as he tries to do right and live up to Bruce Wayne's high standards, while still living the kind of normal life Wayne never had. Beechen just nailed this dynamic, and Benjamin's art perfectly fits the setting, plunging you into the grimy Blade Runner-esque neon of BB's future while still keeping the kind of fun and sizzle you need from a comic. The double spread of Hush kicking Terry was killer!

The Bad

Hush is just so bland in comparison to the rest of Batman's rogue's gallery, I question if it was really worth the trouble of bringing him into the Beyond era. He doesn't have much of a gimmick outside of a head wrapped in bandages and a strange interest in the rest of the villains. His inclusion here just reminds me of how Hush was just supposed to be an alias in the original storyline, and it got continued past the point of relevancy.

The Verdict - 4/5

Reading this felt exactly like I was watching an episode of Batman Beyond. It was actually kind of surreal, because this was one of the rare times I've actually heard the character's distinct voices speaking in my head. I've always wondered why Terry McGinnis and his ilk hadn't been brought into the fold of the greater DCU and, considering how well this turned out, I still have to ask why it didn't happen sooner.