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Review: Avengers: The Children's Crusade #2

Generations upon generations upon generations...

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Against the Avengers' wishes, Magneto escorts the Young Avengers to Transia to show them the connection Wiccan and Speed have to the Scarlet Witch. 

The Good   

I've been a fan of Cheung's since he was doing Maverick and the "teen Tony" era of Iron Man back in the 90s. He's truly one of most complete "total package" artists in the field right now. Storytelling, composition, layouts, flash, realism, style, action, texture, detail, fundamentals... and on and on.  He really does everything well. This book is absolutely awe-inspiring to look at. Art aside, there's a spirit of youth, fun and camaraderie in the script that's definitely infectious. You believe that the Young Avengers aren't just a team - - they're real friends.

The Bad   

As cool as it might be to make Speed and Wiccan part of Magneto's family, I can't help thinking that this might add yet another level of complication on a mythos that's already got a legendary amount of complexity. If this storyline goes where it looks like it's going to, then they're probably not going to be Wanda's real children, but magical creations of hers, like the ones she once had with the Vision. But we'e got a Vision here, who looks exactly like that one, and he technically is, but he's got the memories of a teenage version of Kang... and you get the idea. This could even more qualifiers on that.

The Verdict - 4/5 

I want Cheung to draw every book on the shelves. Seriously - - he's that much of talent. While I've got some issues about this leading to character connections that're going to be overly Byzantine, it's still a fun ride and I'll stick around for the simple reason of getting to see more of his art. Marvel should make posters of every page.