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Review: Avengers Spotlight #1

An informative almanac for every kind of Avengers fan.

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Past, present and future Avengers creative teams share insight on the titles like Secret Avengers, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Avengers Forever and West Coast Avengers.

The Good

Marvel's shown a lot of respect for its history lately and it's good to see a volume like this pay tribute to legends like John Buscema. While the interviews promoting the Heroic Age books were nice, I really liked like the retrospectives, particularly the one concerning Heroes Return and Avengers Forever, as that I was just getting into comics when I was reading these titles. And it does make me feel old when those same runs are now regarded as "classic" stories. I was familiar with a lot of the trivia pertaining to the membership ranks, but they'll be pretty useful to any new fans wanting an easy primer on the history of the team.

The Bad

Evaluating something like is pretty tough because I can't really grade it on the same terms I'd evaluate a regular comic. I suppose the only knock is that it might not be the most objective recount of Avengers history (specifically, they gloss over the fact that Heroes Reborn was very poorly received when it was first released) but that's not really what anybody is looking for here.

The Verdict - 4/5

There's a fair amount of content in this book, but the value of it's really going to depend on how familiar you are with the Avengers, since it doesn't go especially deep into the behind-the-scenes history. If you're jumping onto the wagon for the new Avengers titles coming out of Heroic Age and want to learn more about what's come before, then I do recommend this.